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​       We are starting with - BedBugs  This is an issue impacting people all over the world - raising the level of pollution by the failure to use a sustainable product.  
      Here, we provide the tools to take petroleum-based products off the shelf, replacing these with products which are more effective and are entirely safe for people and the environment.  20% of the income for oil companies comes from the use of oil in products, including pharmaceuticals and insecticides.  Shifting to non-harmful alternatives works better and eliminates the potential liabilities users are now accruing.  

Help Build a Sustainable 
        Agents Green has undertaken the challenge of eradicating Bed Bugs by ensuring hotels, motels, and other places of hospitality, starting in Las Vegas.  We chose transit points because these help spread the ever-more resistance little buggers around the world.  
            This is our Strike Force Team comprised of Randall Colbert and Howard Hinman.  The two are bringing the facts about these nasty little suckers (see photo to the left here) to the people who struggle to placate outraged guests and are confronting the fact the products generally in use are becoming a threat themselves as the concentration of poisons used raise the question of liability for guests poisoned.  
         So if your hospitality destination is under siege by Bed Bugs call Randall or Howard for fast help.   Use our special form below for email!
BedBugs are World Travelers
You find them in ALL the BEST places.
On hotel, airlines, and restaurant websites everyone is talking about the
Experiences they have had with these international blood-sucking gourmands. 
given a death sentence he was in San Francisco participating in the first study for eliminating heavy metals from the body.  This took one month of continuous treatments and supplements.  But he returned home looking 20 years younger and lived into his late 80's, dying of old age in January of 2018.  After returning home Steve gave  away his extermination business and began studying the problem of insects  who cause problems for humanity.  His approach was to produce an enzyme-based product which attacks the carapace of the insect, causing no problems for us.  It works, smells like mint, and is also the most effective cleanser you will likely ever have encountered.  
       That's right -  a cleanser!  Randall and Howard provide you will exact instructions on changing over, adapting your location, or locations, for Tweetment.  At one time you can have a facility which is has moved entirely Green, put up confirmation of this change, and know you, and your guests, are protected.  
           Our War on BedBugs is based in Las Vegas because so many hospitality businesses are located there.  Randall is our chief of global locations and can travel to each of your hospitality locations to handle the change over to Green. 
            Within the next decade we aim to declare victory and have provided the world with knowledge which will be transformation for eliminating this continuing source of heavy metals poisoning into our environment.  
                 This is practical, on the ground, environmentalism.  
                 Agents Green solves the problem by finding what works, not by passing laws or threatening people who ware just trying to make a living.  
                 You have doubtless looked at the photo to the right.  This was one unhappy guest and one unhappy management group.  
                 Get help NOW! Call today to schedule a call, order, or arrange a meeting.

War on Bed Bugs  


The War on 
         Bed Bugs...
      This is not politics, it is about people, the Earth, and the future we will leave our children.
      There are many toxic products which must be displaced, so consider becoming an Agent Green. As our War on Bed Bugs, rolls out and awareness grows,  you will find multiple opportunities to work in your local community displacing poisons with products which do no harm educating your friends, neighbors and community on the facts and selling a product that causes NO HARM to people or the environment.   Also check out our partners, Avert Alert and sign up to receive updates!