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​        Looking for something you can believe in while changing the world? Looking for real sustainability?     You have come to the right place.  Here, we provide the tools to take petroleum-based products off the shelf, replacing these with products which are more effective and are entirely safe for people and the environment.  20% of the income for oil companies comes from the use of oil in products, including pharmaceuticals and insecticides.  Shifting to non-harmful alternatives works better and eliminates the potential liabilities users are now accruing.  

        Our entry point for a sustainable world is social justice.  These two things are like two sides of a leaf, each essential to the other.  Read about Sustainable Social Justice.  Contact us to get involved.  It is not politics, it is about people, the Earth, and the future we will leave our children.

           We partner with ​ARDMAC, a Consortium of organizations dedicated to changing our present trajectory to one which creates a secure future for humanity.  Our book, "Make Mine Sustainable!,"  will be out soon.  The fact is, the EPA never did the job which was needed. Local people were cut out of control even though they were the ones at risk.  Control needs to be in their hands, monitoring their communities for pollutants, ensuring the well being and safety of everyone who lives there.  To find out more visit

       That is only one of the essential steps ARDMAC is taking, but along with learning how to monitor, compile data, and starting the process of returning their community to clean air, soil and water, people learn to work together, erasing the chasms which now divide us.  

       A sustainable world also calls for affordable building technologies which leave no print on the Earth.   We have identified these. Agents Green is growing into this mission and you can be part of it.  Governmental and corporate interference have stalled and side-lines the market choices for sustainability.  Our Mission is to change this.  

        As an Agent Green you will be able to show your community sustainable homes which will last for centuries with no maintenance, will not burn, are hydrophobic, and as strong as rock.  People will stop buying conventional housing when they have have something better which gives more bang for the buck with a loan designed to take life's fluctuations into account.  See %AYE

       As an Agent Green or, as someone starting a new Green Commerce business, you can change your own life and help those in your community as well.  This site is the entry point for renewing prosperity, solving problems, and rebuilding our communities.    

         Right now you can sign up to be a Green Agent.  Soon, we will be sending out information on Green Commerce businesses you can start inexpensively in your own community.  

        That said, we also need to awaken to the problems which caused us to falter.  Perhaps you lost your home to foreclosure.  The Mortgage Meltdown sent millions into depression and destroyed families, leaving behind guilt, rage, and despair.  Today, America has been at war for over 13 years, longer than it took to end any other conflict in our history.  People are losing their savings, seeing their investments plunge, and viewing with terror a future which was once filled with hope.      

        We need to understand.  Then, we need to move on to a new prosperity which affirms hope for our own lives and for the future we will leave our children.      

          Agents Green has studied these problems and has the tools you need to survive and renew your sense of what is possible for yourself and others you love.   

           By acting, we make possibilities into a future you can choose.   Join us in moving the Earth off oil and to a different future.  Become an Agent Green.  Read about our roll-out, starting now as Agents Green take on the issue of resistant pests, starting with Bed Bugs and Head Lice. 

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