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​        Looking for something you can believe in while changing the world? Looking for real sustainability?   How would you like to make money at the same time you are taking poison products off the market?  You have come to the right place.  
      Here, we provide the tools to take petroleum-based products off the shelf, replacing these with products which are more effective and are entirely safe for people and the environment.  20% of the income for oil companies comes from the use of oil in products, including pharmaceuticals and insecticides.  Shifting to non-harmful alternatives works better and eliminates the potential liabilities users are now accruing.  
        Contact us to get involved.  This is not politics, it is about people, the Earth, and the future we will leave our children.
            As an Agent Green you will be educating your friends, neighbors and community on the facts and selling a product that causes NO HARM to people of the environment.  Here is one example - BedBugs 

BedBugs are World Travelers
You find them in ALL the BEST places.
On hotel, airlines, and restaurant websites everyone is talking about the
Experiences they have had with these international blood-sucking  gourmands. 

Got the picture now?

It looks painful because it IS painful.  It also itches like crazy.  But that is the good part.  The bad part is that these tiny tormentors have been adjusting themselves to the nasty poisons used to kill them.  Yes, they are becoming RESISTANT.  And the only 'fix' you will find out there are the even more deadly poisons now entering the market from the same guys who have failed to solve the problem.  

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