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Melinda Pillsbury-Foster  
Melinda has studied the evolving dynamics of political and social change since she was a young teenager.  She is also a columnist, self-published and published by others, the author of several books, and a published poet.

Most of her life has been spent in politics, working for social and justice reform from the convergent ideological position of left-libertarian. She is presently working on a book on the use of PR and political manipulation as tools of control by the corporate infrastructure, which she identifies as ‘Greedville,” 

She long since came to the conclusion that, “most of the people I met in politics were more interested in burnishing their bottom line than in the betterment of humanity and the world.” 

Today, Melinda focuses on the need to heal and move on, assisting those who need to recover from trauma or from their inborn inability to love and lack of conscience. A study of those carrying these characteristics  lead to a study of psychopathy. She has written numerous articles on the issue of psychopathy and sociopaths, who account, she believes, for many of our present problems since they behavior, including lack of a conscience and empathy, is not accounted for by our legal and court systems.

David Lincoln
Dave is our Environmental Consultant and has extensive experience in all facets of environmental studies having worked for several major oil companies during his career as a petroleum geologist. In 1996 he walked away from a hefty salary and benefits, returning to the United States to begin work as an environmental consultant. He has been certified as an expert for purposes of litigation. CV

Stephen L. Tvedten 
Currently President of Get Set, Inc., an integrated pest management company and is also currently President of PEST (Prevent Environmental Suicide Today) an environmental group, and Steve is the founder of the Institute of Pest Management, Inc., Prescriptive Nutrients, Inc. and TIPM and the Natural Pest Control Association.

Steve is dedicated to the principle of loving one another and preserving the Earth.  His honors include: Recipient of the 1985 Center for Environmental Study Small Business of the Year Environmental Award. Steve has several environmental awards, e.g., The Cancer Awareness Coalition, National Safety Council and the Lightman Academic Excellence Award. Has been on the guest faculty of environmental groups such as NCAMP and has written and testified before the U. S. House of Representatives on the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Michigan Toxic Substance Control Commission, the Michigan Department of Agriculture hearings and elsewhere regarding the safe use of chemicals.

Steve is the consultant and adviser for Safe Solutions, Inc. 

Helen Garland 
Helen served during the formative years of the United Nations to make its potential for connecting ordinary people to its network for cooperative action a reality.  She cofounded the National Coalition for Family Justice with Monica Getz and was instrumental in the establishment of the Earth Society, one of the earliest NGOs of the United Nations.  

Additionally, her life time commitment to Peace and the Earth placed her in the JFK White House.  Later, when she found the Hudson River, which flowed by her home, had been hideously polluted she became the force behind its clean-up.  

Stephen Martin Pillsbury 
Stephen is the youngest son of Dr. Arthur F. Pillsbury, the son and intellectual heir of Arthur C. Pillsbury.  

Stephen takes great satisfaction in his work as a software engineer and is active in his church.  

Married to Wendy, they have six children. link
Team Members, Vision & Action
Board Members, Arthur C. Pillsbury Foundation
After returning home Steve gave  away his extermination business and began studying the problem of insects  who cause problems for humanity.  His approach was to produce an enzyme-based product which attacks the carapace of the insect, causing no problems for us.  It works, smells like mint, and is also the most effective cleanser you will likely ever have encountered.  
       That's right -  a cleanser! 
Our agents can provide you with exact instructions on changing over, adapting your location, or locations, for Tweetment.  At one time you can have a facility which is has moved entirely Green, put up confirmation of this change, and know you, and your guests, are protected.  
Steve Tvedten was in business running a pest control company when he was abruptly confronted with the deaths of his baby son and his uncle, who had been working for him.  His own heath took him to his doctor who told him, after extensive tests, he had six weeks to live due to extreme heavy metal poisoning.  

Some revelations are hard to take.  But Steve immediately began chelation therapy and signed up to be in a study which would save his life.  The study was to take place in San Francisco.  Days later, that was where Steve was,  participating in the first study for eliminating heavy metals from the body. This took one month of continuous treatments and supplements. But he returned home looking 20 years younger and lived into his late 80's, dying of old age in January of 2018. 
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