Agents Green

Sustainable Social Justice

A Plan and a Mission 
by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster
for the Arthur C. Pillsbury Foundation

Building a path to peace people can see and experience 

~ Goal ~

We accomplish the goal through a series of projects, the first being Home & Healing for Our Veterans (HHOV). HHOV is explained below. Projects accomplish short and long term goals for peace and a return to community. These are designed as transitional steps to a sustainable human presence and a culture of peace.

~ Explanation ~

     Instead of asking people to change we offer people programs which can solve a problem which is already present in their thinking.  
    The solution demonstrates how well technologies entering the market or impeded from entry work. These technologies will lower their cost of living, provide less stressful conditions, and new ways to earn the money they need. Using informal polling we know those who see how these work will want to know how to get them for themselves.  
    Instead of trying to persuade them we let them see it working with tours of the Project and by providing treatment to people from the community. People make the choice because it is in their immediate best interest to do so. They can see this without having to be persuaded – but they have seen it work.  
    The program for Veterans will include outreach into the community, with presentations to local organizations and groups. There are a list of programs. The first is Home & Healing for Our Veterans.  
   The program provides housing using a material now being patented, a Geopolymer material which is entirely sustainable. It is fire-proof, hydrophobic, lasts for centuries, radically reduces the need for heating and cooling, and withstands hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and flooding. It costs less than half what is usual for the market and structures can be 3D Printed in hours or a day or two, depending on the size.  
   We are arranging to do the stress testing for all fifty states simultaneously and the University of Nevada. Energy is solar, using embedded collectors.  
    Veterans receive treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder with Neurofeedback, which has proven to be quick, inexpensive, and reliable. Treatment for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), will also be available. Job training for Green Commerce will be provided both online and through participation in programs we have identified.  
    All Americans know Veterans are coming back after their service and becoming homeless. There are 12 million former Military and Veterans, who with their families, put a high priority to solving this problem.  
    Because homeless Veterans are present in nearly every community we can provide these demonstrations across the entire country.  
Funding is provided by taxpayers who direct their tax contribution be sent to a trust which is organizing in their area. Contributing Taxpayers become the membership of the Trust and coordinate with Sustainable Social Justice and the sponsoring Veterans group with is providing the training.  
    Veterans Villages become a community resource for learning about sustainable materials, healing, and for job training. The jobs project shows how Veterans, and others, can build small businesses or find jobs in a faltering job market. We move individuals from passive onlookers to active engagement. This changes what they believe is possible.  
    All of the projects have been planned using this model.  

              Transition to alternative energy, solar and other alternatives.
              Repair of failing infrastructure, highways, bridges, overpasses, road construction, and sustainable water systems. 
              Local growing of non-GMO, organic food, on land and in the sea.
              Acceptance of alternative health technologies
              Reduction of taxes, transfer of funding to communities.  
              Transition to small business start-ups.  
              Transition from War to Peace

    Peace is not the absence of war but a culture where people feel satisfaction with their lives and are not anxious or worried about things not in their control. They are stimulated, and interested in the world around them. There are multiple activities to engage their interest and they can choose how active they want to be in the founding projects.  
     HHOV will be followed by other developments in which local people can directly participate. Their level of stress diminishes and they experience a sense of freedom, perhaps for the first time.  
       Sustainable technologies provide the means for this to become a standard for people around the world.  

     Home & Healing for Our Veterans is our project designed to restore the health and emotional well being of Veterans. Below is a list of projects run as commercial ventures, which accomplish the same goals.  
    The Home & Health Developments are a template offered by a membership organization of the same name. HH Developments are built using the same materials outlined for HHOV. These developments become the means to rehouse people in sustainable residences, replacing the present technology, over a period of fifty years. We organize this as a membership organization so we can set up one mutual insurance company to handle all of the members in the developments. Insurance will be available for health, property, life, and other potential losses. As with all mutual insurance there is no profit as this is returned to the members if any money is left at the end of the year.  

My Community – Retirement and Healing Villages

     These planned retirement communities have the perks of upscale retirement communities but cost much less. Cost is low enough so all retirees can decide to participate, if they want.  
    The retirees and the handicapped can design their new home online. They, and their children and others can direct their tax contributions to pay for it. By lowering the cost of living residents experience a rise in standard of living and renewed sense of self-worth. See Retirement Community Plan for design.  

The Door to Health – Health Clubs 
     The Health Clubs provide age appropriate exercise and nutritional advice oriented toward helping the member feel younger and healthier, which they will with appropriate exercise and excellent nutrition. Clubs are used by retirees, families, Veterans and the formerly homeless.  

Home & Health Developments to be marketed to states, cities and counties 
       Restoring Your Infrastructure
       Home First for Healthy Transitions 
       Homes for Families and Safety 
  (We have more projects which will be added.)

      The HHOV outline explains how this is accomplished. 

     Appeals for support will combine emotionally compelling stories which unify and educate.
     We chose HHOV as the first project for Sustainable Social Justice because of the potential for educating all Americans on the reality of how government operates and why we have engaged in continuous wars for the last decade and a half. (see Richard's Story) These subjects are never addressed directly. The focus remains on helping Veterans find stable housing and recovering from the causes of their homelessness so they can move on to productive and fulfilling lives. 
      How we solve the problem will simultaneously position America for solving other looming problems.  

    Included for this presentation are confidential materials on the Material, which is in the process of being patented.