Agents Green

Our Mission 
           Our Mission is to provide the path leading naturally to a world where humanity lives without conflict in the envelope of air, water, land, teeming with life in all forms, which is the Earth.  A sustainable relationship with the Earth is one of our goals.  A second goal was to identify ways to diminish human conflict between individuals, families, communities, and nations.   

             We took these into account as we began to design our Sustainable Social Justice Projects.  

          Each choice we make can become a stepping stone to a different world - if,  the choices presented are designed to take us there.  Our research tells us this can happen now.  Innovation in multiple fields has produced what was necessary.  We had only to make it part of the program design.        

          The first step was identifying what kind of problems those most at risk are facing.  Then, we designed projects to provide solutions which positively serve multiple groups of people, providing them with something they are also seeking.  This intersection of interests brings people together for a common goal. 

             As you look over the plans for the Projects you will see they serve people now marginalized and at risk.  We strongly feel these are the kinds of people who must be served first.  Doing so sends a powerful message which includes letting them know we, their brothers and sisters, care about them.  Far too many of us today are cut off from the sense of community which was, and remains, the first human safety net.  

           Green Commerce opportunities are locally focused enterprises providing products and services which respect the integrity of the air, land, and water around us. Opportunities for serving through Green Commerce are growing rapidly.  Sign up to receive our newsletter, Agents Green Update, and you will see what is happening.  From 3D Printing to helping your community transition off petroleum based products these increase every day.   

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