Agents Green

Agent Green Sign-Up 
As an Agent Green you receive a steep discount from Safe Solutions and you buy directly from them.  They believe in what we are doing and their products were created to provide an alternative to those containing poisons.   Remember, we receive nothing from what you buy and there is NO Multi-Level-Marketing involved.  This program was designed to make doing the right thing pay as well as possible so you can get your community off poisons.  

And now, tell us about yourself!
Membership is $150.00 for a year.  When you join you receive an email with training materials, the Agent Handbook, templates for your business card, and more.  Look them over.  Training is carried out online and with phone calls.  We want you to succeed and will provide support as you begin following the instructions in the Agent Handbook.     

Email us whenever you have a question and we will respond - fast.